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The workouts

Our Crossfit workouts are dynamic and focus on various muscle groups with a variety of exercises. Also, our Crossfit classes enhance the overall performance of an individual.


The training

Potens has experienced Crossfit coaches who teach basic techniques that help to train with confidence. Also, we have certified trainers who are dedicated to improving your muscle strength and overall fitness.


The lifestyle

Lifestyle modification plays a significant role in bringing positive benefits of workouts. A blend of diet and exercise can give you long-term health benefits.


The intensity

Potens is a Crossfit gym that helps you train with high-intensity workouts. High-intensity functional movements are the key to fitness, which helps to improve flexibility, enhance muscular strength and endurance.

What our Clients Say

At times, we get inspired by our friends and follow them blindly. I had done a very similar thing in recent days and I am happy about that. One of my friends joined Potens almost 6 months back and I could see a fantastic transformation in him.
Ankita chaudri
I put on weight so easily and it’s tough for me to lose a few pounds. I tried working out with a couple of gyms near Madhapur, which did not give me the best results. I planned to switch to functional training for faster and better results.
Mouni sai Reddy
Potens gave me an excellent scope to reduce a significant amount of weight as I desired. It is an excellent place to reach your fitness goals. The coaches are extremely encouraging and supportive throughout the training sessions.
Rehan guha

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